BAR LED 18x10W IP65 (4 in 1 RGBW)

LED BAR luminaires specially designed to work in adverse conditions and long-term exposure to dust and moisture. 

The hermetic housing with an increased degree of protection IP65 ensures that the device will work even in the most difficult weather conditions. Integrated built-in programs shorten the setup time of the strip. Possibility of Master / Slave series connection allows for the synchronization of operation between many fixtures. Special sealed signal and power connectors ensure uninterrupted operation. The luminaire comes in two versions differing in wattage and type of diode used.


    • Light and durable aluminium casing
    • Weatherproof construction
    • Hermetical sealed power/signal lines
    • Smooth mixing of colors
      RGB LED
      18*10 W
      25° beam angle
      Electronic dimmer
      Fast electronic strobe
      2 DMX modes (4/8 CH)
      Automatic mode
      Sound control mode
      IEC power in/thru
      XLR 3-pin DMX in/out
      Hermetic sealed cables for power and dmx
      Dimensions - cm
      Weight - kg
      Supply voltage (AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)
        Power consumption: 200 W

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